3 Ways to Keep Your Preschooler Learning All Summer Long

Jun 11, 2019

Whether your toddler has already completed their first year of preschool or they’ll be venturing into the classroom for the first time come fall, it’s important for parents to support learning goals during the summertime. Since the birth-to-age-three period has the fastest rate of brain development across the entire human lifespan, these formative years are crucial — so your little one shouldn’t be taking the next few months off from learning! That said, learning doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it’s often more effective when it’s fun. To ensure that preschool children don’t experience summer learning loss and can stay active in both body and mind this season, here are three ideas your family may want to try.

  1. Enroll Your Child in Summer Programs: From summer camp for toddlers to programs put on by your local library or community center, there are likely to be plenty of education-based opportunities for young children in your area. Whether the focus is on sports, science, music, or reading, these summer programs for preschoolers can allow your child to explore the world around them, gain valuable skills, and increase their confidence. In addition, summer programs allow for greater structure during the day, which can help the entire family when school is out.
  2. Take Educational Trips: Family vacations can be great just as they are, but be sure to prioritize more than just rest and relaxation. By traveling to historical landmarks or taking a trip to local museums, you’ll be providing your child with plenty of mental stimulation. Not only will these activities be emotionally exciting, but you’ll pique their curiosity about subjects that will be of great interest to them. Whether you spend a couple of hours at the zoo learning about exotic animals or take a long weekend to get an insider’s view of the Civil War, you’ll make great memories and promote learning in an interactive way.
  3. Attend Cultural Opportunities: Keep in mind that learning doesn’t have to feel like a lecture. There are most likely a lot of cultural opportunities geared towards children in your area, like local festivals, dance concerts, music performances, theatrical shows, and much more. These events can allow your kids to take part in arts and crafts, identify with characters on stage, learn the basics of music, and express themselves creatively. These kinds of skills and passions are just as important for personal and educational development as math, reading, and writing — and they can also support those classroom developments. If you can frame attending these events as something thrilling to look forward to, you can encourage your child’s creativity and zest for learning for the rest of their life.

Summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start making plans for your preschool kids. For more information about our programs and activities, please contact us today.

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