How the Preschool Experience Benefits Parents AND Children

Oct 17, 2019

Now that fall is in full swing, many families have already become accustomed to dropping their children off at their preschool classroom each morning. Other parents are already looking ahead to the preschool programs available to them once their little ones are old enough to attend. But while most of us realize that early childhood education provides countless advantages to young children, we might not acknowledge how beneficial these programs can be for adults, as well. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which both preschool students and their parents can benefit from enrollment and attendance.

Benefits for Preschoolers

Preschool children tend to thrive in environments that have structure and elements of predictability. When you care for your child at home, your schedule may differ immensely from day to day. But in the preschool classroom, students benefit from a consistent routine. This can allow for improved behavior and greater focus.

What’s more, preschool children can also experience greater autonomy in the classroom than they do at home. While they will always be under the watchful eye of teachers and staff, students may often feel freer to explore their interests and apply what they’ve learned to real-life situations when they aren’t with their parents. Even going off to school every day and learning how to form new relationships without the presence of their mom or dad can be highly beneficial in promoting independence.

Of course, the practical reasons for enrolling your child in a preschool class are typically education-oriented. Early childhood education can set your kiddo up for long-term success. In fact, a review of three separate studies found that 80% of children who participated in preschool programs outperformed their peers who did not partake in a high-quality early care and educational program. Attending preschool allows for superior physical and cognitive development during a period of life that proves key. But it also fosters emotional and social development, as students have the opportunity to interact, create bonds with, and learn from their peers. Although many of these skills can be improved upon during playdates and summer programs, the experience they’ll have in the preschool classroom is unparalleled in virtually all areas of development.

Benefits for Parents

Keep in mind that the benefits of preschool also extend to other family members. Providing care and educational opportunities for your child at home may be right for some families, but it may not even be possible for others. Given that many families have two working parents in order to provide adequate financial support, preschool classes provide an opportunity for children to receive a high-quality education and supervision while parents are at work.

In addition, no one ever said raising a toddler was easy! Even if you have the ability to stay home with your young child, you may want to consider enrolling your child in preschool to ensure you’re able to be at your best, both emotionally and physically, for your family. Having a regular routine involving preschool will allow you to fulfill your other obligations while reducing overall stress. That means you’ll actually able to spend more quality time together as a family — and since stress will be lower, everyone will be in a position to enjoy those precious moments.

As a parent, you also probably want to know that your child will be able to take advantage of all possible advantages in life. Since individuals who attend preschool already have advantages over those who do not attend these programs, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you’re instilling values of high achievement in your child from the start. And while attending preschool doesn’t guarantee your child will be the most accomplished person in town as they get older, it’s certainly one factor that can lead to long-term stability and success.

Want to learn more about the benefits our preschool classes can provide for your family? Contact us today to get started on this educational journey.

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