Private vs. Public Preschool: What’s the Difference?

Mar 30, 2020

One of the biggest debates surrounding children’s education is whether public or private schools are the best option. For many parents, it’s important to find the perfect learning environment for their kids early on, and with good reason. Up to 60% of at-risk children were found to be more likely not to attend college if they didn’t get a quality preschool education.

So how do you know whether the local public preschool or your local private preschool program is the best option for meeting your child’s needs? Here are some of the key differences in private and public preschool education to help you make the right decision for you.

Class size and curriculum

In both public and private preschools, kids will often learn the same values. They learn to help others, be kind, and to treat each other the way they would like to be treated. But where private and public schools differ the most is in class size.

Class sizes in private preschools are smaller, which gives teachers the time and ability to make sure every child in the class isn’t falling behind or struggling. If a child is falling behind, the teacher in a quality preschool program can take a moment to help them.

The curriculum is also different when it comes to public and private schools. Public schools are required to follow state guidelines and assessment procedures. Private schools are able to design their own curriculum, which can result in higher standards for preschool students.

Enrollment standards

Public schools are open to all students within their jurisdiction. Private schools have the ability to deny students who aren’t in accordance with the school’s standards.

For instance, a private school may have a strict no-bullying policy that helps keep students safe from harm. If a student continues to bully other children, the private school has the ability to expel the student. In public schools, it can be more difficult to keep bullying under control because the bullying may need to meet certain requirements under state law before more serious disciplinary action such as expulsion can be taken.

No matter your preference for preschool options, a good preschool program is important to your child’s early education. For information on preschool preparation and preschool enrollment, contact Lily Pond Country Day School today.

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