Ensure your child’s development does not take a summer break!

Age-appropriate physical, social and intellectual development in a fun atmosphere

As adults, we all know that a dose of physical activity every day lessens stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and increases relaxation, mental focus and concentration.

This is no different for children!

The Lily Pond Summer Day Camp in Bergen County is a perfect opportunity for children to enjoy the fun of summer and learn sporting and physical activities that will set the foundation toward a healthier and happier adult lifestyle.

Numerous studies have shown that preschool and childhood fitness is crucial to helping children develop healthy lifestyle habits.

We offer fun weekly themes during camp, which are intertwined with craft projects, indoor/outdoor place, and water play!

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Fun & Diverse Activities

Our Bergen County summer camp is organized so that each and every day is organized to maximize the intellectual, physical and creative development of a child.

A large portion of the camp program revolves around outdoor activities in our 10,000 square foot playground.

In addition to the year round play equipment, inflatable jumpy’s, water tables, sprinklers and a variety of sporting activities are added to maximize outdoor activities during the summer months.

Problem Solving & Creativity

All children will have the opportunity to participate in age appropriate and engaging projects such as our LEGO project.

Beyond the fun factor, for younger children, the brightly colored pieces and easily interlocking combinations provide hours of patterning practice and fine motor development.

Great for all ages, Lego teaches kids how to think in three dimensions – a precursor to physics. Children of all ages also hone creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork through Lego play.

Experienced & Caring Staff

Lily Pond’s camp is staffed by full time teachers. Employee turnover rate is virtually non-existent with the head teacher working at the school for over 11 years.

This level of experience is an added benefit that ensures the safety and security of the children and provides them with a level of comfort as they grow familiar with all of the teachers on the campus.

Safety and Security First

We employ many measures to ensure the safety and security of each child:

  • Updated fingerprint security system
  • Video Cameras in all classrooms and exterior locations
  • Secure login for parents to view cameras from a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Emergency exits in each classroom
  • CPR and First Aid certifications for every full time teacher and administrator

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Why Do Parents Love Lily Pond? Take a Look!

Christen A.

“We love Lily Pond for so many reasons, but most of all because the teachers and staff are truly nurturing and have many years of experience. My only wish is that we discovered Lily Pond sooner! After trying two other daycares, our daughter finally felt comfortable enough to open up and thrive at Lily Pond thanks to the incredibly kind and caring teachers and staff! Our daughter would not be the successful kindergartener she is now without having graduated from Lily Pond and we are forever grateful as her parents!”

Megan S.

“I love that my son loves going to school every morning, that he is learning and experiencing new things every single day, that his teachers care so much about his well-being, and that I can have such confidence that he is in the best hands, making the best of friends” 🙂

Dave C.

“Lily Pond has been the perfect pre-school for our children. Every member of the staff always treats all the students with love and kindness while also teaching them all the necessary skills they need for kindergarten. Each day our children learn new lessons and skills at Lily Pond, and they constantly surprise us with how much they are learning and growing. Moreover, the staff at Lily Pond always works so hard to make special days for the students, such as birthdays or holidays, extra special. Our kids have also made wonderful friendships with their classmates and look forward to every minute of their time at Lily Pond.”