3 Reasons To Register Early For Summer Camp

Apr 7, 2020

The weather outside is heating up and soon summer will be here. Now is a great time to start thinking about registering your child for summer camp.

By being an early bird about your registration, you can take advantage of the different summer programs available as well as a variety of other benefits. Here are the top three reasons to consider registering for summer camps for young children now rather than later:

  1. You’ll have more options. You’re not the only parent registering their kids for summer programs. In fact, approximately 23.4% of kids under the age of five are enrolled some type of organized child care arrangement, such as daycare or summer camp. If you’ve ever signed up for school activities, you know it can be difficult to find enough available slots for every child. By registering for summer camp in early spring instead of waiting until school’s nearly out, you can increase your child’s chances of obtaining a spot at the camp they want to attend or be involved in the activities that are highest on their list.
  2. You’ll have greater peace of mind. During the summer months, it can be stressful when you’re unsure whether your child will have reliable child care. By signing up for summer programs early, you can rest assured that your child will be taken care of while you’re hard at work. Registering early also lets you breathe a sigh of relief that you’ve checked a major decision off your seasonal to-do list.

  3. Your schedule is still flexible. It can be tricky to schedule your child’s time at summer camp when you’re not sure if the summer programs will fit in with your own summer plans. By registering early, you don’t have to worry whether your child’s activities will cancel out their time at the lake with Grandpa. Registering early gives you enough time to get your schedule together around summer camp and you can make any necessary adjustments later.

Summer may seem a long way away, so summer camps for young children might be the last thing on your mind right now. But registering early for summer programs for preschoolers is best when done before May. For more information about summer camp activities and registering for summer programs, contact Lily Pond Country Day School today.

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