3 Traits to Look For in a Terrific Preschool Teacher

Jan 30, 2020

In 2015, nearly 87% of five-year-olds in the U.S. were enrolled in preprimary programs like preschool. For many American parents, preschool programs play an integral role in child development. But while choosing the right local preschool program is essential, it’s also important to evaluate the teacher your child will encounter in their preschool classroom.

Every teacher will have a different style, of course, and every parent will have different priorities for their child’s early education. But there are several traits that every qualified preschool teacher should possess. Before enrolling your child in your preschool program of choice, make sure to visit the facility, observe a class, and have a conversation with the teacher to ensure that you’re making the best decision for your family. Your child’s preschool teacher should be:

  1. Patient and Passionate: Anyone who wants to effectively teach preschool students needs to possess a considerable amount of passion for their job. In general, becoming a teacher isn’t something most people can do without personal dedication to the cause. Teaching preschoolers, specifically, necessitates love for working with kids — as well as a lot of patience. A teacher who has an innate understanding of what toddlers need and how they learn and function is a must. In order for your preschooler to thrive and for your family to be satisfied with the care and educational introduction they receive, your child’s teacher must be compassionate and wholly dedicated to their students.
  2. Organized and Communicative: Neither student nor teacher will excel in a chaotic preschool program environment. That’s why it’s vital that preschool teachers possess stellar organizational skills and learn how to communicate effectively with young children. In order to stay on track with the curriculum, provide opportunities for every student, and minimize feelings of overwhelm, preschool educators need to be highly organized and keep track of every detail accordingly. Moreover, preschool staff members need to ensure every student feels heard and that all communications are understood. Being able to relate to students on their level will go a long way in providing a supportive environment in which substantial learning can take place.
  3. Flexible and Creative: Although there’s a good amount of planning involved in running a preschool class, an experienced preschool teacher will also know how important it is to roll with the punches. Preschool teachers must be prepared for anything — not just for the lesson of the day — and often need to adapt on the fly. That requires the ability to think independently and to problem-solve quickly. Ultimately, that also means preschool teachers should be highly creative. Not only will this make learning more fun and interesting for students, but it also means parents will never have to worry about a teacher’s capabilities.

Of course, these are far from the only positive traits you should look for in a preschool teacher. Relevant education and experience in the field and leadership skills, for example, play important roles in your child’s experience. However, looking out for these skills during your preschool visits (when you’ve already narrowed down the list of top choices) can give you an excellent idea of how well the program will serve your child’s needs. For more information on our preschool program and how we can help your child soar to new heights, please contact us today.

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