Summer Camp Quiz: Which Type is Right For Your Preschooler?

Feb 28, 2019

It may still be winter, but it’s never too early to start thinking ahead to the summer season. For many parents, choosing a summer camp can be just as difficult as choosing the right preschool. Which type of program will be the best fit for your child’s needs and interests?

We hope this fun quiz will help to illuminate your child’s tendencies and the kinds of camps you should highlight during this process.

You would describe your child as…
A) Naturally athletic
B) Curious and intellectual
C) Imaginative and thoughtful
D) Shy and sensitive

Which activity would your child be most likely to enjoy?
A) Swimming or kickball
B) Nature walks or scientific experiments
C) Arts and crafts
D) Story time

When you ask your preschooler what they’re most excited about doing on a given day, which answer most closely resembles theirs?
A) To play or to compete
B) To explore or to learn
C) To create or to connect
D) To relax or to have quiet time

What’s your toddler’s favorite part of preschool?
A) Playing games or large group activities
B) Learning about animals or people around the world
C) Music or playing dress-up
D) Nap time or computer time

How does your child adjust to new environments and routines?
A) Quickly and confidently
B) Fairly quickly, if they can focus on an interesting topic
C) It might be a challenge at first, but then they won’t want to leave
D) On the slower side, especially when emotions run high

If you answered mostly “A”… You’ll want to consider summer camps for young children that focus on athletics or that provide lots of physical activities. Even if the camp you choose isn’t centered around athletics, you might want to choose a day camp that offers pool time. Since swimming is the fourth most popular sports activity in the United States, it’s likely that many camps in your area will have the staff necessary to take campers swimming. Some specialized summer camps for older children will be centered around one or two types of sports, but a varied approach is often ideal for toddlers.

If you answered mostly “B”… You should explore summer programs for preschoolers with an educational focus. Summer learning loss can be a real concern for both parents and families alike, but finding a summer camp that addresses many of the same subjects covered in school can keep kids engaged. Math, science, and literature can all be presented in accessible and enjoyable ways at summer camp — often using the great outdoors as a stimulating backdrop. Although your toddler likely excels in the classroom, look for a summer camp that promises plenty of outdoor time.

If you answered mostly “C”… You should look at programs with arts offerings when choosing a summer camp. That might mean looking up week-long summer programs at local arts museums or with theatre companies. It could also mean choosing a well-rounded summer camp for toddlers that offers the opportunity to create all kinds of art. These scenarios can allow your child to express their imagination in healthy ways and develop social connections with others. More than likely, your child won’t be happy at a summer camp that’s focused too much on sports — but remember that there are other fitness opportunities they may like quite a bit (such as yoga, dance, acrobatics, circus arts, or swimming, for starters).

If you answered mostly “D”… Your child may thrive in a nurturing environment that allows them to have more personal attention. When choosing a summer camp, focus on options that are geared towards children within a limited age range and that offer diversity of activities. If your child is introverted or has separation anxiety, talk to the staff beforehand and ensure that there will be options for your child to have some one-on-one quiet time or to take a rest if they’re feeling upset. You may want to try out a week-long program or an after-school program during the year to see how your child adjusts first.

We know choosing a summer camp can be tough — which is why we’ve worked so hard to make ours appealing to every child (and family!). To learn more, check out our kids summer day camp in Bergen County NJ.

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